Championing Cancer Prevention & Wellness Advocacy

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare leadership in Hyderabad, women navigating corporate health setups face unique demands and challenges. While the city boasts several accomplished leaders, the path for women in healthcare remains intricate. Dr. Nivalika Rajamoni, a prominent figure in this context, stands out as a resilient healthcare leader. Excelling in the intricate field of oncology, she embodies competence and dedication. Despite the demanding corporate healthcare environment, Dr. Nivalika has adeptly balanced her role, navigating challenges while championing cancer prevention and healthier lifestyles.

Dr. Nivalika, hailing from a diverse background due to her father's service in the Indian Air Force, embarked on an educational journey that spanned various regions in

India. Despite facing the challenges of adapting to different environments and languages, she demonstrated resilience and emerged as a front-runner in her academic pursuits. Excelling in her studies, she secured the top position in her school during the tenth grade, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey. Driven by her determination, she continued to achieve academic milestones, ultimately earning a coveted seat at Osmania Medical College. Her expertise in radiation oncology flourished during her tenure at KIMS hospital, a premier institution. Currently serving as a consultant at Yashoda Hospital, Dr. Nivalika reflects on a fulfilling ten-year journey, exemplifying dedication and contentment in her chosen career path.

Dr. Nivalika leads the way in embracing cutting-edge oncological advancements in Hyderabad, encompassing SRS, SRT, SBRT, DIBH, Respiratory Gating, and the MR LINAC technology which is the world's best and India's first quantum leap technology in cancer care. As a distinguished member of the Association of Radiation Oncology of India and the IMA, her specialization in Radiation Oncology focuses on addressing all types of cancer cases, especially brain tumors and female cancers. Driven by a passion for quality, she invests extensive hours in meticulous contouring and planning for radiation, ensuring optimal outcomes and emphasizing the crucial aspects of Radiation Treatment delivery.

“In the world of medicine, my journey through school shaped me into a dedicated and compassionate healer. I prioritize ethical practice, avoiding unnecessary treatments and meetings. I believe in giving a personal touch to my care, treating each patient as an individual rather than just a case. My unique approach involves simple and heartfelt counseling, addressing not only medical concerns but also the emotional and financial challenges, for those dealing with cancer”, adds Dr. Nivalika, Consultant Radiation Oncologist, Yashoda Hospitals.

Transformative Trends in Healthcare

In the evolving landscape of healthcare, significant changes have been witnessed in disease patterns, societal attitudes

and medical advancements. Over the past decade, there has been a noticeable increase in the prevalence of cancer, transforming it into a more common health concern affecting families across the board. This shift has been accompanied by a positive change in mentality, with growing awareness and acceptance of seeking medical treatment for cancer. The healthcare sector has undergone substantial progress, with increased accessibility to specialized services and notable improvements in diagnostic capabilities through advancements in imaging and pathology. The continuous evolution of medical technologies, encompassing new cancer drugs and advanced Radiation therapies, showcases a commitment to providing patients with effective and cutting-edge treatments

Beyond my role as an oncologist, I am dedicated to instilling a culture of preventive health measures

Evidence-Based Excellence

In the realm of oncology, adherence to evidencebased medicine is crucial. Strict guidelines form the foundation of every treatment and each step aligns with established protocols, ensuring a comprehensive approach. “Within my medical team, comprised of dedicated medical and surgical oncologists, we foster a collaborative environment. Regular discussions ensue, evaluating optimal approaches for each case based on our established protocols. This continuous dialogue extends to the forefront of oncological advancements, where we share and absorb the latest treatment modalities. Every incoming patient undergoes thorough collective scrutiny, ensuring a nuanced decision-making process. It's our commitment to staying abreast of evolving treatments and collaborating seamlessly that defines our ethos in providing the best possible care in the dynamic landscape of oncology”, asserts Dr. Nivalika

Lifelong Mission to Prevent Cancer

Dr. Nivalika passionately advocates for two pillars of public health: cancer awareness and embracing a healthy

lifestyle. In her extensive lectures, she emphasizes the critical importance of recognizing warning signs and urges regular health checkups, especially after the age of 40. Early detection, she asserts, is pivotal for improved cancer treatment outcomes. However, beyond awareness, Dr. Nivalika fervently underscores the pressing need for a healthy lifestyle.


“The escalating cancer rates, expected to rise by 25 percent, stem directly from unhealthy lifestyles. Beyond my role as an oncologist, I'm dedicated to instilling a culture of preventive health measures. Prioritizing healthy diets, exercise, and overall wellness, I passionately believe that cultivating awareness and embracing lifestyle changes can substantially diminish the risk of cancer. Through widespread awareness initiatives, I aim to foster healthier living practices in communities. It's not just about responding to the challenges of cancer but actively working towards a future where a healthier lifestyle becomes the norm, significantly reducing the prevalence of this disease”, adds Dr. Nivalika.

In the demanding field of medicine, Dr. Nivalika also emphasizes the indispensable need for self-belief and unwavering consistency among female doctors. Encouraging them to trust their abilities and persistently pursue their goals, she emphasizes on the crucial role these qualities play in achieving professional success. With self-confidence as a guiding force and steadfast consistency in their endeavors, female doctors can overcome challenges and make significant contributions to the medical community.